Saturday, November 08, 2008

God's grace gives me another day with you

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I feel like life just kicked me in the shins. Hard.
So many things, so many feelings, and there's always the temptation to emo.
Then God reminds me of His grace and in His grace, He gave me friends who write terrible things to slap you in the face -.- Just kidding! It is a well written reminder for me not to emo.

edit 1.00am: Actually the temptation is not so much to emo, its to escape and run away. Hide, forever and ever. Forget all about everything. But essentially the same thing lah. Sometimes i chase this elusive 'escape' so much, i forget about God and the freedom i have in him.

Oh! These days all of God's grace i see in my life, in other people's lives... It overwhelms me into abundant joy, tears and thankfulness. I thank God that He is God and i am not. 

Oh, my mind is so jumbled, i can't put proper words to all the thoughts and feelings. And putting an end to this random word vomit is a random song: 

Some folks don't get it 
But we never fret it
'Cause we know that time is our friend.
It's plain to see 
That you're stuck with me 
Until the bitter end.

Some folks cant stand it
They say time is a bandit
but i take the opposite view
cause when i need a lift,
Time brings a gift
Another day with you...


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