Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I hate cockroaches

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My sister and i were sitting innocently enough doing stuff on the computers when suddenly, out of nowhere... A GIANT HUMONGOUS KING OF ALL COCKROACHES descended upon us. 

We proceeded to collapse into fits of debilitating fits of laughter and disgust and fear of all things creepy crawly (or at least i was). This woke mummy up and she came out to check on us. 

She waged war on the cockroach for us, cos we were pretty useless, hiding behind a towel (me) and a dictionary and japanese grammar (my sis). She was fearless on the hunt. 

Although she never managed to complete the job (she haha disintegrated into the same debilitating fits of laughter, turns out she wasn't that fearless after all), i love my mummy for trying. My dad who woke up when all three of us girls became useless writhing jellies laughing our heads off, had to complete the dirty deed and proceeded to lecture mummy for not setting a good example for her daughters =P

My opinion is: cockroaches, lizards and all other forms of creepy crawlies belong solely in the husband/daddy/man of the house department. 

The moral of the story is: Don't leave windows open big enough for cockroaches to get in.

the end.

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