Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My boy & his flower

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Drawn while he was deep in concentration, which explains the silly daft blur look and scrunched eyebrows. Can't seem to get the curly hair right though. 

I wasn't expecting anything for Valentine's day. I haven't celebrated that awfully pink, sappy and expensive day for a long time, the recent years have had me having fun with my single friends on what is known as Single Awareness Day -a day that has a really unfortunate acronym. So when this flower materialized, i don't think i got the expression of gleeful thanks quite right. 
And he got the flower and the color just right =) 
Weirdest thing was i was talking about it right before he gave it to me, obliviously telling him about how much i like orange gerberas. I'm a dingbat.


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