Sunday, March 08, 2009

bye bye atm card

It was a rainy day and i was rushing because i was late for an appointment, as usual. I was supposed to be painting a mural with some friends an hour ago, but my ride had just arrived and i needed cash and food, the cash more than food. Well, i needed the cash to get food.

The bank is surprisingly empty, i thought, which is rare. So i walked briskly to a machine that was free and slid my card in. It's an art, you know, typing in your pincode really fast while covering it with your other hand. You can't really see what you're typing, and it takes practice to get the right combination of finger movements. Sometimes i make mistakes, and immediately look around to see if anyone saw that. Silly me.

Anyway, the machine told me i'm to expect my card to pop back out any minute. I waited expectantly, eager to grab it and go quickly. They can't start without me, because i'm directing the mural project.

All i heard was a crunching sound. And another, and another and finally another. I peeked into the slit and nothing. I punched some buttons and still nothing.

I didn't realize it then, but i had met the evil atm machine. The one that swallows your cards, doesn't give you your money and chews up receipts for breakfast. It's cool metallic look can be deceiving, but inside, it's hiding a hungry, raving, starving MONSTER, just waiting to get a hold of your card, relishing in its delicious and fresh crunchiness.

Damn it, now i have to get a new one.


  1. poor gal...get it back fr d bank officials next week.
    dat's why i dun trust technology...
    had RM3K swallowed before - without any confirmation receipt in return!
    again...ur artwork is superb...wonder wat makes sumwan so creative?

  2. Yikes! That stinks.

    But, on the positive side, you got a terrific drawing out of it!