Monday, March 23, 2009

CERC camp

Remember that little preview of some digital drawings i did?
Well, i can finally show you the end result, cos the forms are out now for CERC camp 2009!

It's been very interesting, doing the ad work and graphics. I like churning out creative matter.

But the manual printing is a horror. Seriously.
Expenses just flow out like water...
Got this new thing stuck to the side of my printer though, a continuous ink supply system (CISS). Pretty good and cheap, though gave me a real headache at first. I blame the salesman for that. But well. that thing saves me so much in printing costs so i've got to stick with it. After a couple of google-clicks, i finally figured out what the heck was going wrong and now it's working fine =)


  1. lovely!!! =D i like ur choice of colour!do u keep a record of which colours go well together? or do u just play around until u like it? =D

  2. haha, thank you... usually it depends on the inspiration. i've learnt to keep good combinations, i save it in swatches in Illustrator.

  3. CISS is a good way to save your printing cost. I have a Brother C135 printer with CISS installed. One bottle of 100ml ink can use for more than 6 months even i print it daily. It's WORTH!

  4. Beautiful graphics! I'm certain the color was well worth the struggle. Looks sooo good here.