Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Earth hour

I'm guessing i'll be the only one, but i think earth hour sounds a little silly.
Fact is, everything on earth will wilt and fade away, no matter how hard you try to save it.

What do you think?


  1. At least, we gotta try saving it somehow rite? We can at least help out a little. Is that too much too ask from God's heavenly creature on earth?

  2. well, i think we shoudl try to use earth responsibly and take care of it...

    but if somebody actually thinks that turning of lights for one hour makes a difference - i think that is just a lil too naive. but i suppose its somewhat a good awareness program though (although most if not all awareness programs normally just makes people aware and nothing more)

  3. i think i agree with you, joel.
    in both using the earth responsibly and the naivete of the hour making a difference.

    don't know how much of earth we can save, really. i believe in recycling wherever we can, and conserving energy but i can't say that i'll devote my life to it. Seems to be clinging on to something hopeless.

  4. What a silly thing indeed. Turn off the lights for an hour when people blast their air conditioning for 24 hours 365 days a year? This is just purely propaganda and doo-doo. And Joel is correct in saying that we are to use our resources wisely - trying to save it by refusing to use electricity for an hour is just being in denial at how bad we are at managing the resources God gave us.