Saturday, March 28, 2009

I laughed

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What did i do during the excitedly awaited earth hour? I laughed.

Long, hard and loud.

I thought about the stack of biodegrade-able shopping bags we re-use in my house, and thought of the recyclable extra bags i keep in my handbag.

I thought of my feeble efforts to carpool.

My household taps which were changed because the old ones were wasting water.

And then i thought of how long i spend on my phone and the computer or watching tv.

How i like to leave my fan on in my room so that it keeps cool.

The fact is that, whatever we try, no matter how hard we try, we can't save something if it's intended direction is heading to destruction. And second thing, all man is sinful, and no matter how hard we try, there'll never come a day where we act so responsibly we successfully save earth. We'll always be failures when it comes to things like responsibility and taking care of things, as evidenced by history. That given, in Christ we're given new life and we're given hope. We're brought into a life of joyful slavery to Christ as Lord and in that, we're given His Spirit which enables us to know God, do His work and be more like Christ. And considering that, we can each do our little bit everyday, in using all that we've been graced with wisely and responsibly. We will fail (eventually) but that's okay, because our hope is in Christ, who has a place for us in his Kingdom, where all of earth's sufferings will not exist and whatever we're tormented with on earth will cease to give us pain. I hope in Christ, not earth.

p.s I laughed in the dark. I switched off my lights. Did you? =)


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