Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lost (but now am found =P)

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I'm so annoyed. The crash the computer suffered around 2004/2005, stole all my school photos and whatever else before that. I've been looking for this one particular photo, and it's nowhere to be found! Grrrr.... any of you guys have a copy of that photo of the four girls (aiyee, me, nora and bils) standing outside the pj civic center? 

edit: After searching frantically all over for my backup files (thank goodness i had the right mind to back up SOME stuff), i have found some of them AND the one i was looking for! 

I was dragged to the ICC Concert today. I remember when I used to be an Interactor (do you ever stop being one?) back in school. So i was trying to dig up photos of me n my girlfriends at the ICC concert back in our day (jeez, it wasn't THAAAT long ago haha) and whatever other photos of us i could find! I miss my school days....

The ICC Concert in 2004, at the PJCC. Did you know, my first ever performance was at the PJCC too? That's when i graduated kindergarten and danced for the show, even more yonks ago.

Some Leo event i think. I can't remember what it was for. But i remember good dancing. That was it. Oh, ah and i made my dress. Okay, not the whole thing but most of it.
Some outing in Pyramid i think. All girls were very into Roxy then, yeah... We all had Roxy something or another.

Sigh, those were the days.

I don't think i look much different! What do you guys think?


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