Sunday, August 02, 2009

Christians do as Christians are and they are as they do.

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I think i've seen and learnt enough to know now that the statement above is true. Which does say that if Christians don't do as Christians are, then maybe a good heart check is necessary. That's not saying that Christians are perfect. It just means if you're Christian, then act like it. It's very easy for me to say, but when it comes down to things, i've got to make sure i'm repentant and growing. That's the nature of being a Christian - not that you must be perfect - but that you're always repentant and reforming.

Some may believe that change can happen instantly, miracles do happen and anything is possible with God. I've learnt however that God requires more from us than wishing and hoping and whining for change. Being human, we can't possibly change ourselves. We're so rebellious to God, we can't even see it. God has done that miracle for us already, by showing us his great love through the sacrifice of his Son on the cross. His death paid the price for our disobedience and saved us from the destruction we deserve. We owe him our lives. He requires the sacrifice of our whole lives in service to him. The least we can do is.. to do it.

I always forget God's kindness. That translates into me doing funny things - self-pity, misery, sin - all sorts of generally ungrateful behaviour. And oh does it suck when you realize it, so guilty. But i'm so grateful for this guilt. However, if i continue ignoring what i know is right and what i should do, i fear i'll develop some sort of immunity towards it and go so much further into sin that i can't find my way out. God is always gracious though i don't deserve it, and He's placed me in a great church and amongst some of his good and faithful servants who serve to gently remind me when i'm going wrong, to teach me more of what's right and what God deserves from us and how i should live, and to whack some sense into me when i don't listen. It's in these dark times, i appreciate Godly friends, God's voice through those who love Him.

To you, the Christian who's reading this, appreciate what God has done for you, don't waste your life chasing miracles, empty dreams and what the world offers. If you're Christian, then act like it. God is so worth it. Everything else is not.


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