Monday, October 05, 2009

Blooming thoughts

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PhotobucketKnowing how expensive having professional florists doing wedding flowers are, we had decided to DIY our wedding flowers. I've seen and read quite a few brides who've gone the DIY route and survived, with precious dollars saved. I also like the idea of a wedding blooming with freshly plucked garden flowers.

My mum brought home some flowers to try out and this is what we came up with. I just kept wrapping floral tape round the daisy mums until i got a big enough bunch then added the leaves and the little yellow buds. I like it. With a couple of ribbons tied round the end, it'll be complete!

And for me, new skill acquired : flower arranging.

I have been wondering though about the amount of DIY projects i'm racking up, whether i'll have enough time to do them all, whether i'm just putting too many things onto my plate... and to a certain extent i think i am. But the pros definitely outweigh the cons, like hand-crafting our ideal wedding right down to the last detail, having time to get to know family & friends better with all the DIY parties i can throw,we save a lot of money and all the skills i can develop by doing all these crafts and arts.

But i realize this is a personal preference. I understand the convenience of having professional people do it all for you in an easy package and i understand the need to be relaxed and unbothered as the planning goes on and the wedding draws near.

For me, it's just different *shrugs*
Does it take up a lot of my time? Yeah definitely. Does it stress me out more? I think so. But it sure is rewarding =)

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  1. the first one is nicer...maybe have the yellow flowers protrude out more to look more like they're surrounding the white :)