Thursday, October 15, 2009

no mo' mojo

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I'd hate to offend anyone. I don't like confrontations. I also don't like arguments. I really dislike yelling of any sort or to any person. I really shrink back from doing anything that people wouldn't agree with. I just hate rocking the boat. I'd rather not go against the grain, it's more peaceful that way. I'd rather not be a trouble maker. I'd really just like everything to be nice and calm and friendly.

But i think i love the gospel more.

Cos truth is The Gospel and its implications for the Christian life IS offensive. It confronts people of their sin and helplessness to change anything about that. It argues with people's natural logic to think we can do something to save ourselves. It yells at you that YOU CAN'T SAVE YOURSELF, ONLY JESUS CAN. It means doing lots of things people don't agree with. It definitely rocks the boat. It goes against the grain of everything in this world and it certainly doesn't make things peaceful in your lifetime here on earth (though it brings you peace in reconciliation with God). It sometimes makes trouble for you, or troubles others. There will be situations that will not be nice, calm or friendly.


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