Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A months roundup

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A roundup of some good articles i've been reading lately:

Rejoice with those - Suzanne Hadley on Boundless
Seven Myths Single Women Believe - Suzanne Hadley on Boundless Webzine
What If He Leads Wrong? - Heather Koerner on Boundless Webzine
Could I love my husband as Titus 2 commanded me? I had no doubt. Could I be a "helpmeet" as I was created to be? I had every desire to.

But could I, really, submit to my husband?

I knew that the Lord created man, woman and marriage. Still, the deep-down, honest answer was: Of course, I could submit ... as long as he is right.

Of course, my husband should be the head of the household ... as long as I agree with what he's doing. Of course, he should lead ... as long as I have pre-approved the path.

But what exactly am I supposed to do, my gut wrenched, when he is wrong? When he wants to make (what I really believe to be) a mistake? When he's leading badly or choosing the wrong path for himself — or worse, for us?

Spirit-led Leadership: David vs Saul and 3 Leadership Differences between David & Saul on Resurgence blogs. They also feature these tiny Friday Proverbs...

Also from the short and sweet bites of gospel truths of The Blazing Center on A Year Without Toilet Paper.


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