Tuesday, February 16, 2010

pesëdhjetë e tre ditë më shumë

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It has been an interesting Chinese New Year. I guess it's almost like my first attempt of giving out red packets, albeit a little more brown than red. I gave out most of my family's side wedding invitations. Never realized how many family feuds there were, i'm just happy to turn up and eat and celebrate anywhere. It's nice to catch up with some relatives after not seeing them for a long time. I only see some of them just once a year during this season and since my grandma's condition got worse, we stopped going visiting everywhere.


I made dinner for church today with Adrian. I really enjoyed cooking with him! It made it all so much fun in the kitchen, especially since i don't like cooking and i was really nervous cos it was a new recipe i had just gotten off the net this very morning. I also have never cooked for so many people before, i've previously just bought everything! Adrian's so encouraging. A very willing guinea pig. Made the food taste all the more yummy cos he was completely involved and hands on. The very best husband anyone could find.


A couple of days ago it was the much commercialized celebration of love. I have no problems celebrating that! I'm all for good Godly love within marriage. Adrian was very thoughtful, i had been cellotaping my shoes together cos they're falling apart and had to throw a lot of them away, so he brought me to buy a pair. But the shop with the shoe i was eyeing was closed for CNY. I had something planned for him... The clue was "It's something for you to see but not touch. Everyone will be able to see it and it's a public declaration. Might be embarrassing for you but more for me." Take a look at what it was:
Can you see what it is?

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