Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Celebrating with shrimp

After a good married month, Adrian took me out on a celebratory date yesterday. I didn't quite like the place we went to, which was Bubba Gump, but it was a fun night. I had already interviewed him a couple of days earlier with questions like, "What weird things have you discovered about your wife in this month?", "What things have you learnt to serve your wife?", and "What things have you discovered about yourself in this month?". I laugh in my sleep at funny things that i dream about - that's quite weird. I've a voracious appetite for life - he tries his best to keep up =P *kidding honey!*. He has discovered that marriage is hard work for selfish people - he's working very hard at this marriage. At Bubba's, i told him that i've learnt that it's hard to remember that you are one now, there's no such thing as "i'm still single sometimes" or "i need some alone time right now". It's you and me, til death do us part.


  1. 'I've a voracious appetite for life'

    I like this quote :)

  2. such a sweet, beautiful and meaningful post... :)

    every word you said spoke to me so loud, thank you. :)

    love the second and last line..:)

    God bless. :)