Monday, May 03, 2010

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the more i see photos of my wedding, the more i see how many people went against our specific requests to respect the ceremony, the HOLY MATRIMONY as it is called, by restraining themselves from taking photos during the ceremony. I find that very rude. Now discreet photos i'm perfectly fine with, but some people really get on my nerves. They get right up there, don't they? If i ever get married to Adrian again, i'm holding spot check at the door to confiscate all cameras. I will be encouraging all future young couples to do that too. Don't care what people say, the ceremony is more important than the shot you're gonna blog/facebook/tumblr/twitpic with. We also gave specific instructions to let the official photographer do his job, which was only two guys and while we were up there saying our vows, there were like 10 photographers. Like, what the heck. England not the understanding ka? I found it really distracting. Really, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Where you should be helping us make our promises, paying attention to our vows to keep us accountable, you are all over the place, distracting us to no end. Shame on you.


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