Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's a new year

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It's that time again, to thank God for another year lived on earth, doing His work and pray for more to come. So many changes has happened since the last year. I got married, started working, moved with the church into the new building, and on and on and on. It's a really happy birthday this year, after the streak of unhappy birthdays stopped in 2009. And it's really funny too, cos it's not any special-er today than yesterday or the day to come. No big celebration, no party. Just any old day, me in my pyjamas sitting in front of my computer doing artwork.

What did i wish for as i blew out the candles this year? I usually don't wish on the birthday candle, i don't believe in wishing for anything like that but this year, well, it was different. I wished that God would bless us with a baby. I'm in no rush, given i'm only 23, but yeah, i'd love to have one of God's little creatures. Then, a thought came to me, thinking that yeah, i am ONLY 23, what do i know about caring for babies! So in the end, i wished for God to prepare me for a baby. Do you think that wish will be granted?


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