Tuesday, July 06, 2010

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To add to my resume, i did pancakes yesterday and kedgeree today! The kedgeree smelled nice, but i haven't tasted it. It's Adrian's lunch tomorrow. The cooking was not too hard, the shopping was horrible. Haha. Who knew Worcestershire sauce is Lea & Perrins... Who knew leeks are not spring onions, and who knew that they're called bawang bakung... Who knew you can't find haddock fillets unless it's named in malay, i only saw kembong, mabong, cencaru etc... Who knew they don't sell 'normal' curry powder in Tesco, only meat curry powder or fish curry powder... Who knew, who knew, who knew!

All in all, preparing meals like this alerts me to the fact that food is expensive. And although eating out is much more convenient, not to mention somewhat time saving, cooking is cheaper. I'm taking a rest from cooking tomorrow and will try again on friday to surprise my husband with a special favorite of his.


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