Tuesday, October 26, 2010

shortbread cookies

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Tried this recipe today, from Tastes of Home. So far so good, have kept all the nicer looking ones and chewing down on the burnt ones (a tip for you if you're gonna try it out : don't roll it out too thin, thick is better!) The little heart shaped ones are so cute! Got the cookie cutters from Ikea. Can't wait for Adrian to try it!

I'm starting to really enjoy making food! especially since now i don't have to mess around with a wonky oven that shorts the fuse every time i heat it up, and my stove doesn't burn the tiles below instead of burning upwards anymore. Yummers. This Saturday is my father-in-law's birthday celebration thing, i wonder what interesting dish will come out of my kitchen... maybe some Jamie Oliver.

edit: i'm so sesat. apparently the birthday thing is on sunday, but i didn't know. anyway, i'm making kedgeree!


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