Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trust and obey, no other way to be joyful in Jesus

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A is studying the bible, preparing for tomorrow's growth group.

The house is in a bit of a mess, cos we're moving some furniture around.

The warming bit of the moving process has got to wait. 

E is sitting here typing away on her blog, thinking about herself. Obedience is joy, joy is obedience. Why is that so hard for my mind and body to grasp? Nothing more apt than 'our bodies are given to laziness and unrighteousness'. Jesus died gloriously. I want to die gloriously. Die to self, preaching the gospel to myself and others til my last breath.

Once we're done with this move, we'll get on with the next big move. Time to search for inspiration again. Dabble my hand at interior deco again.

Christians work/serve forever. Because if worship bores you, you're not ready for heaven - Tozer. 


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