Friday, July 29, 2011

now i know why man created disposable plates and cutlery

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do you know how fast the sink fills up with dirty dishes, used cookware and many other things that need to be washed within a days time before they stink up your kitchen? every time i finish washing the stuff in the full sink after lunch, i sigh a little with relief and relish the squeaky clean-ness... for about 2 hours max. Cos then the process starts again when dinner time rolls around!

a little bit of observed wisdom for you: if there are things in the sink, and you don't wash them today, they are going to grow. and by tomorrow, you'll have a landslide of dishes. you may even break some.

i really hate washing dishes. if there's one thing i would like for my birthday, Christmas, anytime?! it would be a dishwasher (be it a person or a machine =) but til then, happy cleaning to me. it sucks that my hands don't even crack from constant dish washing or just general washing. you'd think they would, then i can kesian myself a bit (haha) and put it off til later. but i don't. so i just keep going. i think it's a strange side effect from having to put moisturiser on my eczema, it keeps my hands moisturised so i can wash dishes just fine -.-

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  1. I can't believe you hate washing dishes. I somehow think I would prefer washing dishes to studying or going to the hospital for ward rounds. It sucks. I mean, seriously, to wash dishes feel like the funnest thing to do compared to being around senior consultant docs who think you're stupid beyond belief + the entire hierarchy of healthcare staff :( And besides, while washing dishes, you can do a whole lot of other things like listen to a sermon, or music, or documentary etc without pressure of performance.