Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday's Recipe: Meal Planning

This thursday, no recipe, but a special on meal planning. What is that, you ask? That, is what you do when you want healthy homecooked food and also to save some money and time. Basically it's just planning for the family's meal for one whole week at a go or even two, so that you can make a master grocery list and go only ONCE to the market or store. See? So green, saves petrol from making all those trips to the store when you aiyah forgot something.

I'm no expert on this, but i thought i'd share a tip that makes it easy for even me to start meal planning, especially since my husband loves to have homecooked food =/

Voila! Post-its are lifesavers! So i just write our favourite dishes, mixed with some easy ones and leave some  for leftovers, eating out and space to try new dishes. Then i just mix and match til i get a good set, considering things like "Can i make this in a big batch to freeze?" or "Can i make a bigger batch tonight to be left for tomorrow's lunch?". This is my go at it, it's been working well (when i actually use it), and so i won't expect my husband to go hungry. 

I usually only plan one week at a time, cos you can't expect greens to last so long even in the fridge, and i hate to see food go to waste. Also cos getting out of the house a couple of times a week is a good thing to keep you sane! So i would count all the groceries i need, by looking at this chart and add it all up to a large master list and go get it all at once, saving myself time and petrol, and also money, cos then i know what i need to get and i don't end up buying lots of things i don't need or won't eat. 

That's it for this Thursday, hope this helps you!


  1. Hey, Erin, thanks so much for blogging all of these household stuff up! I do like reading your blog cz it's so homey and I read it to chill out or when I'm stressed cz it's so cute.

    And all these home management stuff is something that I think is super important for me to learn. Yay, meal planning is certainly a skill me needs to learn cz for me, I never plans meals. All I do is buy and eat. Or eat cereal and bread and tuna, or a quick pasta or I don't eat. Haha.

  2. i second that, born of grace. ;) except, pls don't skip meals!