Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday's Tip: Housekeeping schedules

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I've decided to rename Thursday's Recipes to Thursdays Tips. That's because i revert so often to my usual recipes that i don't have that many new ones to give you, haha! Well, that and the fact that i have a number of tips to help whoever is a straight-from-mama's-house-to-your-own-overwhelming-household wife. All the rest of you clean and neat freaks, be gone! (just kidding!)

So today, i have a tip for you on how to keep your whole entire house clean: Housekeeping Schedules! Note: This plan only works when you obey the entire thing, without skipping things, which i have to admit is a hectic mess for me to live by. It's meant to break it down into *easier to handle* chunks of 30-60mins work every day (although sometimes within a day i break it into 20mins per task with some recovery time in between!)

So let me explain:
Weekly Tasks
The 7 spaces going left to right are the 7 days in a week. So i've assigned each day to a room, first of all Monday is Kitchen day, Tuesday is Toilet day, Wednesday is Bedroom day and so on. I've left Sunday free just in case, because we tend to be out most Sundays, so ignore the 7th column for now. So every Monday of every week, you just repeat the tasks set for the day, eg. Discard old food, wipe all surfaces, flush drains, disinfect sponges etc. Every Tuesday you'd do the tasks for bathrooms and you just keep going throughout the week, cleaning a little at a time.

Monthly Tasks
Now some tasks you don't have to do every day or every week, like cleaning the fridge or cleaning the toilets. So the 4 spaces going downwards are the 4 weeks in a month. The 2nd row on Monday is still Kitchen day, but with 2 additional duties eg clean fridge and wash trash bin. So i've spread out things that only need to be done once a month throughout, so wherever there's extra tasks, just add them into the day's tasks.

Now back to the green columns:
Everyday Tasks
I've set some tasks i just need to do everyday to maintain my piece of mind, like clearing out the sink every day, and putting stuff back where they belong. I figure if i do a little every day, it doesn't add up to be a huge monster.

Tasks for Every Three Months
Now these are the big ones that only need done every three months, so i've set the months that i will do them, which are Feb, May, Aug, Nov. So in these months, i'll just add the tasks in throughout the month's tasks (not all at once of course!) and just do them bit by bit.

I know it looks complicated, but it keeps me sane! At least i know what i have to do every day and not just wash when it smells, or grows mold. Hope this helps!


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