Monday, September 17, 2007

[accesory] EPISODE one :

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Interesting things you can do with your scarf, ties or whatever pieces of cloth you find around the house. Besides the usual wrap it around your neck to ward off the cold, here are some different options inspired by recent and not so recent runway looks. Note: All images from and i'm only adapting some looks from them so they might not turn out looking exactly like the picture. Experimenting is the best.
Tie a bow.
Wrap it around your waist several times and tuck the ends in.
Place your scarf over one shoulder, for example the right shoulder, then pull the rest to the left waist. Secure with a belt, add pins for more hold and let the ends hang.
Haha this one only works if you have a real excess of cloth. I'd wear something inside to go with this one, wrap the cloth around me under one arm and secure with pins over the opposite shoulder, let the ends hang.
Starting with one end of scarf, secure with a knot. Then wrap the rest of scarf around your waist over the knot until you have desired length for the rest to hang. Then push the remaining length under the wrapped part and let hang.
Put scarf around your waist with the ends held out in front of you, they should be equal lengths with the part around your back as the middle. Wrap around once and bring forward. Then tie a bow as you like it.
Wrap scarf around shoulders, bring forward and cross over. Secure with pins or brooches.
Tie it like a handkerchief top and put on a jacket, buttoning only the top buttons. Works best with an obvious contrasting scarf and jacket.
Wrap scarf around shoulders, bring forward and secure with pins, making sure it overlaps. You can pin all the way down, making sure it stays in shape.
Tie it a bow underneath your collar.
That's all folks.


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