Monday, September 17, 2007

How else do you want to play God?

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First IVF, then designer babies and now...Male Pregnancy.

Some women are getting edgy about the fact that the men always are in competition with women and now it seems like they're taking away the thing that makes them so different, saying that, "If God had wanted guys to have babies, he would have given them the uterus and painful periods, but He didn't, and instead He gave them to women, so why must you take that away from us as well?" Other women argue that, "Good! They should have a taste at what we have to go through to give them that baby that they wanted, but never understanding what hormonal issues we go through in that 9 months! Blaming us women, calling us hormonal and not understanding our PMS moments!"

God is a common word used in the arguments given by both male and female. I say common word because i don't think they're really bothering to understand the human being as God created them, male and female. I say common word because i don't think they even care about the GOD whom they're talking about, they don't even know who He really is. Before you argue about something, especially controversial issues like this, i believe it is crucial to consult beforehand the one who created. Its just like if a medical group want to create male pregnancy, they would have had to refer to female pregnancy, which was the original creation. So before you argue, you have to understand how God made us, instead of just using God, picking out bits and pieces of the Bible to suit your purposes. That is an unfair method and i believe if you do that to someone's research report, you could be sued, so same way for God's design report.

I'm not going to go into the arguments, but this is just an indignant reply to all those who freely use God's name in vain, using Him shamelessly to push your point.


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