Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Merdeka Reunion and Departure

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Some pics from Merdeka weekend. I figure i really should get a camera, the 1.3mp phone camera is really unreliable especially at night. Jeez.

This is Prince Charming. I got him, he's supposed to be my spare. Just like the "in case of fire, break glass", in this case it's "in case i never ever find a guy, kiss him."
I gave him away to someone whom i thought would appreciate the laugh.
Oh well, here's to not needing a Prince Charming. =)
After i dropped off my precious cargo, i went over to Laundry in the Curve, where you already had the picture of the superb Tiramisu, so this time you get pictures of faces. This was my Form 5 class, plus minus some from other classes. Was really great to meet up with them after so so long, everyone has changed since then.
Left to right around the table: Me, Hasrin, Sui Hoong, Sharon, Jason, Wai Git, AiYee and ChayLynn
Haha, the photographer missed out the other end of the table, where Adrian was sitting. So another shot just for good measure. I know AiYee and gang took a whole lot more shots after i left to meet the other gang at Baskin Robbins.
AiYee and i.
On the way to KLIA to send Derek off the next day. Didn't know Derek took this until i got back home and checked my phone. You can vaguely see him taking the pic in the rearview mirror.
So with the reunion also came a departure. Ah well. Life goes on.


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