Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tried in the fire before gold

Yes i know the bible is referring to your faith, but this applies in other things too, like friendship. Somehow i believe that friendship needs to be tried in the fire before it's gold. After it's been tried in the fire, then you can really tell whether this is a friend for life, whether its a true friendship.

I've had several friendships like that. Painful process yes, but it's worth it no? I guess we all must really get our priorities right. Do we really care or is it just a facade? Do we truly love or choose to be selfish? It all shows when the relationship is tossed into the kiln. What comes out after that? Either workable melt ready to be reshaped OR utter crap. Yeah, it doesn't automatically come out good, you have to reshape it. Got to work at it, hone it, improve it and perfect it.

So... Are you my friend?