Saturday, October 06, 2007

Feminists, pchah!

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The problem of women's rights is not going to be solved by fighting for more women's rights. Why did this women's rights movement come about anyway? Cos men were abusing their power as heads of the family, as governing people, as basically MEN. They were not picking up their responsibilities like a real man should and just made life hell for women, some still do. So how does campaigning for more women's rights get us? Lesbians, women who shun marriage and children and passive men. But isn't that stupid? That doesn't solve anything! When there is a weed in your garden, you dont just pull up the stalk, you've got to get the roots as well, right? So as i see it, fighting for more rights isn't gonna get anyone any further in their cause, but hitting the root of the problem would, which is for men to take responsibility as God planned it. Empowerment for women does not come from how much more rights they can ask for, how much more rights they win over, how many more successful women get to the top, how many more women who are living free and at ease from men. Empowerment for women comes from God.


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