Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Silence is golden

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I just wonder why people can't just keep quiet. Shut up. Driving me to the edge of annoyance where i'd like to scream. Noise noise noise noise is all i hear. It's like we're so in love with our voices that we can't stop talking. Prudence, people, prudence.

In addition, why does everyone have to have an opinion about everything? No...that's inaccurate. Why does everyone have to EXPRESS their opinion about everything? Oh my goodness, its so aggravating. I also have opinions, a dime a dozen but it's not so likely i express all of them to the general public. Have you no discerning prudence?

Why can't people stop thinking they're right all the time? Cos who are we to think anything that we think is right? Sometimes i wish i were so articulate i could silence everyone. But as it is, i'm not and i only have this minor audience to perform for. At least now you know my opinion, not expressed elsewhere.

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  1. I had this comment all typed out, then I realise sharing it would be an oxymoron to this post. XD