Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Saying Goodbye

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The papers are signed and sealed. My agent looked at me, smiled and shook my hand. I suppose he was trying to be comforting, considering my face was blotchy and my nose drippy. "Well, thanks," he says. "I'll be back with the keys tomorrow."

I take a tentative step back in, staring at all the things, MY things, lying around. The slightly lopsided shelf i've had for years, lopsided because of that drunken night i toppled it over. I slid a finger along the dusty mantel, home to my beloved frames of loved ones. Well, it used to be anyway.

I took a deep breath, and stepped out into the sun. Life around me was going on as usual, like nothing had changed, like everything was still normal. I feel close to tears, but i manage to compose myself, turn around and close the door to my - well, not exactly mine anymore - old place, turning the key. I take the key to the house off my lucky 8-ball keychain, stuffing it into my back pocket to be given to the agent later.

So, this is it. The moment is here, and it's time for me to grow up and move on. It's time to say goodbye. Who knows, perhaps i might return to visit in the future, but for now, it's goodbye until we meet again. And so with Whitney's "I will always love you" ringing in my ears, i trip down the steps onto the gravelly path leading to the new place uptown. Somewhere i can make new memories in while keeping the old ones of 235 West 137th Street dear.
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After deliberating between several options for creatively writing an ending to my blogspot days, oh well, i'm not exactly all that creative, seeing how i was inspired by ash, she did it first. I figured there would come day where my duality would end, where the two parts of me would merge and who knew that today would be the day eh? Am i just doing this cos the idea of new tempts me or cos ash got one so i must have one too? I don't know about that. But well, there are new memories to be made and documented there. So i'm not going to presume to ask you to change your links but just letting you know, i appreciate all those who have read and contributed all this while, but i will be over at funkymonkey.i.ph from now on. Who knows? I might come back =)


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