Friday, March 07, 2008

random rant?

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I can’t believe it. Call me weird but i think it’s weird to be courting at 17 (Courting as in context of Boy meets Girl - by Josh Harris). I don’t know. I’m 20 and i can’t imagine dating in light of marriage NOW. Yeah yeah, you can tell me about all the people in other countries that are married and have kids by 17, before 17, but whatever. At least in this country. Anyway, i don’t deny that some people are more mature than others at that age, but in general, well just look at our 17 year olds right here in Malaysia.
Think about it. At 17, what are we doing? We are in Form5, where main priority in life : studies (Okay, this is on the assumption that God is first no matter what). How are we anywhere prepared to get married, support that and raise a family? Sigh. I don’t know. Maybe God prepares. Maybe sometimes we need to be thrown into the deep end of the pool to learn.


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