Monday, April 28, 2008

Definitely Maybe

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Spoiler alert. As usual with all the movies i review, there are spoilers involved. Anyway, you should have watched this movie by now, it's the first movie i've been to in about a month i think, so you guys should be more updated on the movie scene than me.I'm not too sure about this movie. It wasn't a clear cut definite for me, it's more like a maybe. Haha, but i can't put it out, cos it did tug at my heart strings, just a little. I know my movie partner didn't seem to enjoy it all that much, but i did. I just knew it was going to be April. I mean, if it were me, i'd want it to be April. She just...she's my character. You know how there's always this character in movies that's just so you [maybe not you exactly but somewhat reminds you of you in a small way or something]...she's that character. Always the friend...bubbly, overtalky, skip-in-her-step kinda person. Reminds me a little of Amy Adams in Enchanted. I teared when she finally got the book from the guy. Well, it was a nice happy ending.

Not that all to the movie was good, i didn't like how the actors always fell into physical attraction, so cheesy and makes me cringe to watch them being unable to keep their hands [or mouths for that matter] off each other. It was also kinda sad to see the guy being so indecisive and somewhat unfaithful. Well, thank God not all guys are like that. Oh ya! What about the whole beginning, where the kids were given sex ed in school and oh that whole section where the kids just jabber away at body parts and thrusting... geez.

So it was a 50/50 thing. I half liked it and half didn't =P So it was a definite maybe.


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