Tuesday, May 06, 2008


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I'm itching after a MacBook. Yes this laptop is great and all, but it wasn't something i chose of my own volition and it doesn't suit my purposes. I can't run any of the necessary programs [necessary to me la] and that sort of defeats the purpose of me having a laptop.

I realize that there are probably other laptops out there that would do the trick for me and are probably cheaper than a MacBook but i figure, what's the point? I'd rather get something that is ultimately more suited to me [that's a little bit more expensive] than something that doesn't completely suit my needs [which is cheaper]. I'd prefer to spend a little extra on something that hangs, crashes less, more protected, user friendly too. Not to mention that it is so easy on the eyes. I've read reviews over reviews on all the features [not that i understand it all] but it's a well known fact that Macs work better than the usual crap.

Anyway, if i calculate right, if i start saving up now, i'll probably be able to purchase one in a year's time. Well, i'm still thinking about it. And i think it's very safe to say i'll be thinking about it right until the point of purchase. *grin*

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  1. yay! i'll hv another macbook buddy in a yr's time! :)