Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am no longer a kid

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...or at least that's what the numbers tell me now. Who knows what the mind is like, though the age is old.

Thank you Lord for another good year that has passed, for all the 21 years of my life, for being there for me even when i couldn't see you there, for all the grace you've given me that i don't deserve, for saving me - a wretch not worth saving. I just pray that You will continue to help me grow to be more like Your son Jesus Christ. Give me your strength to continue struggling on. Amen.

In the tone of celebration, i'm not in favor of huge parties, although i do think 21 is a monumental age! I just thought that the focus of a party held in my honor would be such a total waste of my time. So instead i have planned, or am planning something special. Something where i am the one honoring instead of being honored. The pleasure is all my own, i'm afraid, so don't be expecting any invitations (unless you've gotten invitations). It's going to be a true CELEBRATION!

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Check back later to see what happens at this thing i'm planning =)


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