Sunday, June 01, 2008

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...just maybe with pictures. Well, this post is connected to the last post, so i'm kinda exploring the world of biblical womanhood and followed closely by Godly relationships. It's kinda cool to see the old values, why they were VALUES in the first place; things like submission and serving with love, hope chests, homemaking... you know the deal. And it's really REALLY cool how it all points to the Trinity's relations, how God the Father is the head of Christ, and Christ submits to the will of the Father and how all our other relations with people fall into place, as we continue serving each other, in working to building up of the body of Christ.

I thought i'd highlight some of the stuff i'd read to you all. It's not all about biblical womanhood, just some stuff i've encountered that are serving me good currently.

1. The Dangers of Dating in your Mind by Carolyn McCulley
Part one | Part two | Part three
Well this one is pretty cool, i thought i'd lost the link but thank goodness i found it. This one helped out a lot in my friendships with guys, it's about how women could sometimes see a lot in their friendships with particular men, a lot more than is really going on. Sometimes women could just imagine up a whole relationship in a friendship, which i happen to do sometimes so it's a timely reminder.

2. Biblical Dating : Just friends by Scott Croft
Continuing in the dating theme, here's another one about intimate friendships between men and women. Well since we're on this track, might as well read Biblical Dating: The introduction, Biblical Dating : To kiss or not to kiss, Biblical Dating : Are you ready to date? and Biblical Dating : Navigating the Early Stages of a Relationship. Read them all, they address things like the roles in which men and women have in a relationship and sex. Here's another one also by the same writer called What does a Biblical Relationship Look Like? That should help us out in looking for a suitable partner and following the design of God for relationships.

3. Opposites Attract by Kara Schwab
Haha this one was pretty funny, the illustrations at least.

4. Wait til you're Perfect by Candice Watters
About the search for mentors, which i wrote about in the past post.

Anyway, best place to understand more about these things? Go check the Bible. See how God originally put it together and apply that.


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