Thursday, July 03, 2008

I couldn't resist

Heh, i thought i could refrain from posting while i'm away, especially since i'm really busy here (my plans for the 3 weeks that i'm here is pretty full up). Oh well, it seems like my fingers just couldn't resist really. It won't be a long update though, even though i do have tons to share. Takes too much time to think about what to write in a post (well, cos i believe in writing good posts and good posts do take up a good chunk of time).

So i'm here in Lichfield, England and i'm in this little village called Shenstone. I'm staying here with a lovely lady (PS) with my teammates, Shireen and Rufus. It's beautiful here. The village is small and apparently i could just walk around the whole village in a day and see everything there is to see. I haven't got photographs of the village yet though, haven't done the walking.

Where i have been: Tamworth, about 12 minutes away from Shenstone. There, we went to this supermarket ASDA Walmart, and something funny and abit embarrassing happened there. You see, when you go and pay for something, they have the usual cashiers and then there's the express lane, where you go up to this machine, scan all your items in yourself, then bag and pay for it all yourself. So it's the whole works minus the cashier. Pretty dinky little thing, i thought it was really cool (although i don't see that working in malaysia, we're too sneaky and rule breaking for that kind of thing i think =/ ) So what Rufus and i decided to do, was to take pictures. So i did, then here comes this lady, the manager or something, and she starts to mention something about how taking pictures inside the store would break some funny law they have, which is that you can't take pictures of their employees, it infringes on their rights (something like that). She let us off however, seeing how we were obviously tourists. So we had to delete those pictures, but oh well, the memory is further engraved into my mind now, thanks to what happened.

After that, we went to Tamworth Castle, it was pretty cool. I saw for the first time (outside my fashion history books) real medieval costumes, corseting and panniers, was amazing! I haven't started the official stuff yet really, which is why i've got the time off to discover this little part of England. I only start the big stuff after Shireen's arrived. Anyway, i realize i've gone on longer than i planned to... so i leave you a photo that hopefully would leave you laughing =)

P.S. It's not 4 something over here, it's 10.30pm heh cos it says down there, posted at 4-5am =/


  1. hehehe i think the picture says like a thousand words!

  2. hahah i did the self checkout thingy in melbourne too! :)

    hope u're having a blast over there!