Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A little rant

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Ahhh, a breath of fresh air, the sun and the sights! Being out here in the wide open, gazing into the horizon, the potential! The life! This is living! Not being imprisoned in a tiny cell, grasping for daylight through the bars on the tiny window. 

I've broken out. It seems illegal, but who cares! I'd rather be on the road and on the run forever than be in that tiny room another minute. Look! Birds! A whole flock of them! I feel like i'm flying right beside them, soaring with the wind, carried along by freedom and hope...

As i come back down to earth, i realize that honestly, all the trauma is still shackled to me. I still have the scars around my wrists and ankles from the chains that bound me to the wall. Everytime i look at them, i can feel the hopeless dejection suppressing me, like literal chains binding me so hard i can hardly breathe. 

But that only happens occasionally, and i know with time, my wounds will heal and my mind will clear. All i know is to live in hope.


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