Saturday, October 18, 2008

My lifeline

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My phone is dying a slow death. Not that slow, but the sort of death where it's still kicking its last leg but you know that death is on the horizon. I've been stressing over the fact that i'll have to shell out money to get a new phone straightaway cos i can't live without my phone...

BzzZZzzWWwtt! Re-wind! 

"I can't live without my phone..."

Ah the dependency on something other than God to organize my life and hook me up socially. I can live without it and lately i've realized that i actually like it when my phone is silent. (In case you were wondering, i don't use any tone but silence now) Peace is elusive with a phone around. Besides, nothing (ABSOLUTELY nothing) beats meeting people face to face. All this emailing and phone call business, it helps up communication but at the same time it downs REAL communication as well.

So maybe i'll not get a new phone straightaway. And remember to depend on God more than my phone.

p.s. If people really want to get me, they have my email address or house number anyway. 


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