Friday, November 28, 2008

Cooking is fun-er now

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It's a tranference of interest. Nope thats not it. It's an expansion of interest. You know how i've always liked making stuff, the interest just expanded to include food. It's been fun! Especially if you have friends to do it with! I appreciate the fact that friends scream in mutual surprise shock omg-i-can't-believe-i-just-did that when you accidentally drop your egg yoke into your egg white only mixture. Or need four eggs when you only have three. Or be ready to bake and find that you don't have baking paper -.-  

I'll shamelessly spill that up until recently, i hated it. I still am fearful of the heat, the oil burning my skin and extremely sharp knives slicing the tips of my fingers off but the interest keeps on growing (although if i could find mittens that extend to my shoulders to cover my arms while i'm cooking, i would definitely use them). I never thought i'd be the so-called "domestic maternal grandma" type, but what the hey, i can sew, craft, and now cook. 

Next thing on my list - cleaning. Maybe gardening. Hahaha now those are things that i'm positive i'll never like. 


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