Thursday, November 27, 2008

If at first you don't succeed, maybe you're doing something wrong.

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Well well well, here we are at the second attempt at cooking! Thank goodness my lunch date, also known as the poor guinea pig had cancelled, so that i could take my time and taste it first hahahah just in case. At least if it didn't taste good, i would have ordered pizza or something =P

This thing today came about from a pact to start eating healthier (and no, even chinese food from the mix rice place doesn't count as healthy). I guess there's nothing better than home cooked food. That however only counts if home cooked food (at least from my home) tastes good too. 

Anyway, today's recipe is Sausage with Cabbage and Corn Saute from RealSimple magazine. I show no pictures of the process because i felt abit too jakun to take pictures, might as well just concentrate on making the food taste nice. Besides, the pictures of my dish wouldn't have turned out as nice as the one from the site, as above *grin*. 

So a few healthy details about this meal:
  1. I used olive oil. Apparently, it's much healthier than normal oil, longer life expectancy and something about chronic illnesses. I don't care, it makes food smell nicer. Extra virgin is the healthiest quality apparently.
  2. The recipe gives a 60:40 ratio of veggies to meat. And it helps that the veggies taste so yummy! Who knew balsamic vinegar could make veggies taste so nice!
Well, try the recipe for yourself to find out how good the veggies are. And oh yes, a side note: Even though Italians and Mexicans speak almost the same language, their sausages DO NOT taste almost the same. So go look for the Italian sausage instead of being lazy like me =) 


Going over to Lydia's place soon to bake pavlova again! I love pavlova! Well, let's hope and pray i don't embarrass myself by burning it. Again. 


edit: Try and finish up the veggies fast. They discolor the dishes. 


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