Thursday, December 04, 2008

super brownies

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The thing that makes this brownie super?
1. They were not burnt. (very important)
2. They turned out really yummy! (2nd most important)
3. It wasn't a ready made brownie pack!
4. It was fun doing it with my sister.

There's only about half left now, i've been giving away big brownie chunks to everyone. This was practice! Cos i'm gonna be baking a cake soon and i really don't want to burn that.


It's funny you know, nobody really says, "Wow, that's great!" when you successfully bake a cake, where everybody says, "Wow, that's great!" to an A grade. Seems slightly lopsided if you ask me. I'm telling you that nobody remembers if they got an A grade when planning a good healthy meal for themselves and/or their family in the future. Doesn't mean don't work hard or study smart, but i guess some priorities need to be adjusted :)


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