Thursday, February 19, 2009

a belated valentine

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I tried out this lino cutting thing. I wanted to make a print for valentines, but i didn't finish the cutting in time so i didn't do it in the end. I'm guessing i should probably use a thicker, less watery paint next time, cos the print doesn't take so well (pictured here) with watercolors.

I'm so much more relaxed now that i've deferred my semester. I'm glad i don't have to stress over my classes while trying to take care of my health. And it has freed me up to a lot more of the work i owe church. 

Am now in the process of streamlining my portfolio, i have lots of stuff to put in, just not very organised -.- I also have more projects in mind, and one particular project i wanna try is a children's book. Hoping to be able to get a good friend of mine to contribute a short story that i can illustrate =)


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