Friday, February 20, 2009

So much energy for one so small

It takes a lot of energy to kill a cockroach. 

First, you run.

Second, you have to recover from the shock and panic. (Sometimes, you don't get past the second one)

Third, you grab the phone and dial someone's number, ANYONE's number... in hope that they'd come over and kill it for you.

Four, you get smart and do it yourself.

Five, you grab the insect spray AND a big box cover... to hide la, in case it flies. 

Six, you stop hyperventilating. 

Seven, just DO IT already!

Eight, leave its dirty disgusting evil carcass for someone else to clean up. You did most of the hard work killing it already anyway.

Guess what creature won't be under wildlife extinction protection if ever extinction comes looking for it?

edit: shit. i knew leaving the darned carcass would come back and bite me in the a**. It "resurrected", i suspect i only knocked it out with the aerosol thing. It flew and landed on my head. I hate cockroaches, ESPECIALLY the flying ones. So i aerosoled it one more time and hopefully it dies again, for good. Now i have to wash my hair. Bleurgh!


  1. ha ha. guess u have sufficient practice by now since u managed to come up with a brief manual on how to kill cockroaches :p

  2. on the hair ? eww !!! i once had a baby lizard fall on my head before. eeeee !!!

  3. davin: haha i was just incensed enough to rant about it. first time i actually got up enough courage to kill one. usually i just look at it while quaking in my boots and hope someone else gets rid of it for me.

    mel: eee... reminds me of the scene in parent trap where the lizard termasuk her mouth. LAGI GROSS!!!