Thursday, May 07, 2009

CERC camp 2009 Pt 1

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For our first annual church camp, we went to El Sanctuary in Melaka. The most notable thing about this place : the food! It was amazing! Every meal, every morsel was dee-lishious!!! Definitely worth a drive down just for the eats.
The place is taken care of by a nice Christian family. Lots of dogs there, i'd be a pretty happy dog there i think, lots of places to run around and play in. The dogs kept barging in on our group pictures though, pup-parazzis. Woke up one morning and found the snake skin there, that was freaky. Other than that, there was lots of lizards and they kept pooping in my bed. I'd wake up in the morning and there'd be lizard poop near my feet. Gross.
We had this crazy Hat Day! It was totally fun, and everyone was very sporting. Although i have to admit the really outstanding ones caught my attention, like the cowboy hat, the clown wig, and the funkier ones that Justin kept gently borrowing from everyone.
Campfire night! I think we all went abit nuts being stuck out in the heat and in the middle of the jungle. Jeremy the spastic Barney, kuch kuch hota hai TarJohn and JanErin, and Justin's lame joke(s). The tribesmen looked really cool though, with their g-strings and armbands and half ghostly faces.

More up next!

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  1. lizard poo ? eeeeeeeeee !!! 5 months lizard-free has made me a happier person. : P