Thursday, May 07, 2009

CERC camp 2009 Pt 2

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PhotobucketPhotobucketNow, besides all the fun, it was also a serious time to get to grips with God's work. Overall, i've learnt so much more about so much! I didn't just learn about work, i learnt more about the whole of life in Christ! Amazing isn't it? Everything was arranged so nicely for us to have the best time playing and the best time learning. The morning bible readings, the group bible studies, the talks and the electives all gelled so well together. Kudos to the organizing committee (which for once i'm glad and sad to say i wasn't a part of). It's been too long since i attended a camp where i wasn't running around going mad trying to make sure everything goes well.
Also, all the activities and studies did help us get to know each other better, everyone in church and people in particular. Adrian and i had a great time together, from doing bible studies together to playing Cranium and Boggle! I think we do better on the same team than on rival teams hehe. I get way too competitive.

It was great to have the married couples and their families together with the dating couples and the singles there altogether. I'm so blessed to have so many good examples to learn from. People like Joy and Melissa, who show you in real life how to be a Godly woman, wife and mother, and others like Jayanthi, who's so pleasant in personality. The dynamics of our church is just super, like how everyone had to be made aware of how you need to share in caring for the kids so that you can ease the mothers up to have fun in camp too. It's definitely the first time i've ever been in a camp where good healthy relationships are very clearly encouraged, not just between church members but in families and those who are dating towards marriage and even the single. I'm glad to be somewhere i don't have to be ashamed of for wanting to get married, to want motherhood and to be a woman. 

I could go on forever about what was great about camp, but i think i'll leave the contemplative thoughts for next time.


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