Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I went to a camp to learn about work

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But i ended up with a whole lot more than that.
I can safely say that i didn't come back with any smart tips on how to get a better job.

I learnt that God works.
I learnt that God saved his people through His Son's sacrificial death on the cross.
I learnt that God continues to work in His people, conforming them to the likeness of His Son.
I learnt that God's people do God's work.
I learnt that it doesn't freaking matter what i do, as long as i do God's work.
I learnt that it does matter what i do, because i'm doing God's work.

I've learnt what life is not about. It's not about work, better jobs, studies, family, your dream house, a car, a comfy nest egg, entertainment, self-fulfillment. Life does not revolve around that. A Christian's life revolves around Christ. Follower of Christ, not follower of family, career, money, beauty, house and husband. And that being a Christian includes loving your church, family and friends, which sometimes may not be in the way that they want you to. It means that as a Christian, the most loving thing is that i care that my family and friends know Jesus. It also includes caring for their general wellbeing and that includes studying hard to get good grades, getting good grades to get a good job, getting a good job to get good money, getting good money to support your family and to further the ministry of the church.

I learnt that being a Christian means making hard decisions. It means being faithful to the Word of God.  Living your life faithful to the Word of God is more than just believing. It means sometimes you'll have to make a stand for what you believe in. And it might mean participating in some friendly debates, that might end up not so friendly. It means making unpopular choices. Making a stand for the Gospel would definitely mean going against the grain of culture. For the very fact that i follow Christ and not the world would mean making Christ and the Word the "be all and end all" to any choice that i make. It means repenting and making necessary changes in your life. It means stepping over from death in sin, to life in Christ. That would affect your whole "life", as you are given life by the saving grace of God. It would make us reconsider everything we have been doing in life thus far, and think twice about all the things we've thought about, done and seen and aligning all that with the mind of Christ. Being Christ-like requires big change, in mindset, perception and action.

And being a Christian also means possibly losing friends.
And it's not just friends, sometimes you lose Christian friends as well as family.

It's no bed of roses.
But there's nowhere else i'd rather be. 
Life without Christ, is meaningless. Everything you work for, everything you live for... all of it means nothing without Christ. Death is inevitable and everyone knows you can't bring anything with you to the grave. There's just plain and simple labor and toil that's worthless. All the hard work put into your family, your career, your friendships, your house... it's all nothing, without Christ.

I die without Christ. Only with Christ, i have hope.

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  1. Thank you for posting this entry. It's such a blessing to read it. :)

    Enjoyed it much.

    God bless. :)