Friday, May 15, 2009

Rethinking the idea of work

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Wow, a third contemplative post. I've sure got a lot of words to compensate for the months of picture heavy posts haha.

I have a long way more to go before i finish studying. It's my fifth month into a 6 month break, and i didn't get a part time job. I've just mainly been at home, doing stuff for church. I have to admit i'm kinda worried about my future, how that might take shape. I'd never had high ambitions but i've always imagined working for good money and being financially secure. However, life and circumstances have changed some things and i may have to come to terms with the fact that i might never work in one of those 9-5 steady, stable jobs that everyone's looking for. I may never earn the good money i'd hoped for and i might never be a career woman. I may not even be financially secure.

But now... i think i'm gonna be okay. I may work in a low paying job, but that's okay. I may work for free, but that's okay. I may not work, but that's okay too. Because as long as i'm following Christ, i'll work hard in supporting the church and myself. However, if i get good opportunities, i'm taking them, praise be to God!

Well, all this work for church is definitely plumping up my portfolio and exercising my skills. So if anyone needs a graphic designer slash artist slash fashion designer, you're very welcome.


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