Friday, September 11, 2009

The beginnings of the dress

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I have developed a phobia for dressing up. Geez Louise... it's so complicated!

But well, i'm saving a lot of money and putting a lot of effort into making my own dress, a la my dear grandmother, who has passed on her creative skills to me. I thought it's a nice thought because i might not have her around at the wedding, and even if she was there, i doubt she knows whats going on.


Anyway, i'm going along the lines of these dresses here. I like the whole look. The dress seems simple enough for me to do, i like the hair flower and the dangly earrings. Nice, simple, not too much or too fussy... it's so me! And knowing myself, i love comfort. One thing that made me never want to be a real designer, is that i prize comfort over style. If i could, i would turn up on my wedding day in a t-shirt and jeans, but oh well.

I've completed the pattern already, and now begins the hunt for the perfect NON-ITCHY lace, which my fb friends have assured me of its existence.

I found a nice one in Binwani's at the Curve, which is Rm125 per meter. That's kinda pricey and i've been looking around for a cheaper alternative but doesn't seem to be successful. The others i've seen were kinda itchy and most weren't really that nice. Here it is! I like the scallops on this one. And its not as itchy as the others i've seen. I only need about 1 1/2meters though, so i might just get this one.

Until the next dress update then...

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  1. what a gorgeous wedding dress... :)

    oh, btw.. there's a way you could disable right clicking on your blog, as well as removing the link on every picture that you upload into your blog. but you will have to edit the html code everytime you do that. but if you'd like, i'd teach you. :) its simple. just tedious.