Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wait a minute!

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What the heck am i talking about? I do have an engagement ring! Here it is, in all its glory.


It doesn't have any rocks, nor is it made of gold. It is in no way worth much, but let me tell you what it tells me:
It tells me of many hours we've spent together laughing and working over craft lessons for the kids in Sunday School, it tells me of the many hours spent trying to be patient with each other while wishing we were done with all these fiddly things (okay, that may be just me). It tells me of the effort it takes to be together, especially when one of us is moody (usually me) or really tired (usually him). It tells me of the times when i was sick or haven't got enough sleep the night before, and he willingly serves me by taking over my duty of story telling. It tells me of the times he slips up and forgets part of the story and i'll jump in to help him out.

It's a testament of all the lessons in craftivity i've given him! He cuts and glues like an expert now *grin! And he draws! It's a miracle! 

I love my humble paper ring


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