Tuesday, September 15, 2009


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I've posted in fb that we'll be custom designing our rings.
We actually wanted to get a usual set and engrave the outside instead of the inside. As the ring is merely a symbol of our union, we wanted some words that really reminded us of godly marriage. And that necessitates the engraving to be on the outside, so we can see it always and read it and be reminded. (I won't give away whats going to be on the rings just yet although you might be able to guess.) And also it would be a good conversation piece, cos other people can read it and ask us about it! We thought that we don't really need the ring to remind each other who we're married to, or the date we got married (hmm, actually, that might not be such a bad idea for him =P)

I kinda like the looks of these two. But they're abit too plain. Maybe i'll spice it up a little with some diamond fullstops hehehe. I also like the almost handwriting type font of the one below, makes it more personal ya, to have the message written in your beloved's own writing?

So we met with the designer last Sunday and everything seems quite positive! The best part is, i decided to give up some of my old gold that i don't wear anymore (or ever) to be melted into the two rings so all we have to pay is RM4++! We're still figuring out some minor details but it'll have elements from all three designs incorporated into one gold band. I can't wait to see the real thing!


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