Monday, September 07, 2009

Here starts the documentation of a new phase

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Just so you all know, i'm engaged! It's a very exciting time for me. It's been a long time coming in preparation and prayer. This will not turn into a wedding blog, but this is just due notice that i will be blogging about marriage and all the preparations a little more than usual.

It's also a very important time of preparation for me still, although a big chunk has been done ahead during the period of dating. We've both been preparing together and separately for marriage, in seeing for ourselves what God intended for marriage and struggling to overcome the natural sinful view our minds have on marriage and also in learning from godly men and women around us and how they live together as two sinful christians joined in holy matrimony. I personally have benefited so much from one woman called Joy, watching as she joyfully serves God in service to her husband and caring for her children. I can only hope that one day i'll be able to serve my husband as joyfully as she does.

Now, our preparation continues, but there's so much more! As we try and join our families together in a massive culmination of 5 months worth of planning called a wedding, we've also got to keep our focus on the work we have yet to do. I personally have found it extremely distracting to have to think about all these wedding things while meeting people, reading and preparing for our growth group and thinking about how best to serve God in my married life. And he has work and teaching and reading to do, so much! Sometimes it makes me want to just elope =P But with good friends and our church praying and supporting us, i hope we manage to keep our eyes on the goal and strive on.

This is only the beginning... thank you for your prayers.


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